Will our bankruptcy be affected if we get separated?

My wife and I are separating next month and I want to know how this will affect our bankruptcy. We filed for chapter 13 two years ago and pay on a regular basis without ever missing a payment. We are very much on speaking terms and have committed to remaining amicable until our finances are settled up. Do we need to let any our of creditors know about our change in relationship or or attorney ?

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  1. No need to advise the court or the chapter 13 trustee. You could advise your attorney just so he/she knows your circumstances. Your expenses are probably higher now that have to maintain two separate households. If that is the case, and your disposable income is now lower, you and/or your ex wife could “modify” your chapter 13 plan by reducing the amount paid per month. You may also be able to “convert” your case to a chapter 7 if your income is under the median amount for your family size in your county. Sounds like you want to maintain your current payments and that is good but I would at least apprise your attorney of this development.

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