Will I be approved for bankruptcy?

My dog has been very sick for a couple of years and I can’t keep paying the vet since my credit card is maxed out and I’m just barely making ends meet. I live alone and my dog is my only companion. Without the medication from the vet she will be in pain and suffer and that is not an option. I would rather file for bankruptcy than be forced to put her down…..I couldn’t live with myself if that happened. Will I be approved for bankruptcy since I’m going to have to pay the vet $250 every month or will they reject my filing?

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  1. The bankruptcy system is not heartless. $250 a month to keep your dog alive and not suffering sounds reasonable to me. Assuming that your budget is not overstated in other categories, then you should be fine. I can’t see the US Trustee’s Office challenging you on that. Good luck.

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