What happens if I stop making my bankruptcy payment?

I filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy eight months ago and it’s getting harder and harder to keep making my monthly payment. I still have a job, but my girlfriend and her kid moved in with me and everything just costs more now. What happens if I stop making my bankruptcy payment?¬†Will I receive a fine or some penalty ?Does my debt go back to what it was and I have to file bankruptcy?

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  1. If you stop paying, eventually the chapter 13 trustee will motion the court to dismiss your case. There is not a fine or penalty per se. The better procedure is to “modify” your plan to adjust to the new living arrangement. I am assuming that your girlfriend is not working? If she is, her income will be considered even though you are not married. However, your household expenses have also increased since she and her child moved in. Best to talk with your bankruptcy attorney. You can call any attorney that practices in bankruptcy, does not have to be the same attorney that filed your case.

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