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Mark E. Lewis, founder of the Mark E. Lewis Law Firm, has been working to resolve the financial problems of everyday people for over 22 years. Although he focuses on bankruptcy, debt settlement, and other debt resolution methods, Mark is also an expert in areas such as personal injury and divorce.

Along with his extensive experience, Mark has had outstanding success in resolving financial difficulties and representing clients in bankruptcy court. He and his team have helped thousands of individuals like you to reduce or totally eliminate their debt and financial difficulties.

If you are looking for a fresh financial start, Mark Lewis is able to assist you with many debt relief solutions, including bankruptcy, debt consolidation, debt settlement, and more. Mark is completely dedicated to each client’s case and to finding permanent debt relief for each unique individual and family.

During your case, Mark will ensure to keep you involved throughout the debt relief process, and he will provide you with the best and most professional but caring service available. If you and your family are going through a difficult financial time and are seeking an expert in debt relief, please don’t hesitate to contact Mark Lewis today. He will help you get your fresh financial start today.

Mark Lewis helped me and my husband get out of debt. I was depressed about my situation and thought it was hopeless. Mark is very caring and handled my case in professional manner. We handled everything in one day and he filed my case a couple of days later. I knew exactly what to expect and I would recommend Mr. Lewis to anyone who needs to manage or discharge their debts.

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