How can I make the collection calls stop?

I am getting calls from creditors everyday at different times throughout the day. It’s very stressful and embarrassing. Will the calls stop if I speak with someone about filing bankruptcy or is there a service I can pay for that will stop these calls?

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  1. Under federal law, once you retain an attorney the creditors are not allowed to call you back for 30 days. The creditors have to call the attorney and if the attorney (or her staff) answers the phone and confirm representation, then they can not call you at all. If they do, it’s a violation of the FDCPA and you can use the credit collection agency. Also there are other methods that you could use to challenge the validity of the debt by asking for verification of the debt and proof of chain of custody or ownership. The fair debt collection and practices act (FDCPA) is the place to start. If you don’t want to file bankruptcy, then you could sign up with debt settlement company or your local consumer credit counseling agency. Both will stop the calls and attempt to settle your debt or put you on a repayment plan.

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