How soon after I file can I start another business?

How soon after I file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy can I start another business? My partner ran our roofing company into the ground, but I want to start my own roofing company.

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  1. After your case is filed, there are no impediments to starting a new business. Obviously I would recommend a new partner. Trustee in bankruptcy are typically (as per the law) only interested in what happened BEFORE you filed bankruptcy and not after. There are a couple of exceptions to that rule. First if you have a pending personal injury claim or lawsuit when you filed your case, then the trustee will take the proceeds up to what you owed and subject to any personal injury exemption. Second, if you anticipate receiving any inheritance from a estate when the person passed on prior to the filing of your case and finally if someone dies within 180 days after the date your filed your bankruptcy then the trustee could take that inheritance (any property, not just paper money) up to what you owe. The operative event is the date of death of that person NOT when you receive the inheritance

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