He can’t afford child support but he got a new truck

My daughter’s ex declared bankruptcy last year and he told her he can only pay half of the child support that they agreed on. She can’t afford to hire a lawyer and sue him or have the court force him to pay her, but he went out a bought a new truck and told her that it’s a company vehicle and that they bought it. Can we call his bankruptcy lawyer or someone else and report this?

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  1. Filing bankruptcy would not prevent him from getting another vehicle. It may truly be a “company car”. The real issue is cutting support in half because of the bankruptcy. The bankruptcy has no bearing on his child support. The court does not have the authority or jurisdiction to handle such an issue.

    The only way he could reduce child support is to go to family court. I am assuming he has not done this. You need to file a petition with the family court known as “violation of court order”. You do not necessary need a lawyer on this matter. This is more of a family court matter and not a bankruptcy matter.

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