Getting the title on the car after paying off the loan as a co-signer

My wife and I have filed a chapter 13 bankruptcy and we had loans at the credit union one which my son was the co-signer and he has paid that loan off and now the bank will not give him the title. he has always made the payments on time and has even paid the car off a year early and the credit union always took the money out of his account how can the keep the title

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  1. If the loan was listed in the bankruptcy, then make a motion to the judge requesting that he order the credit union to issue the title.  I would first ask credit union to issue a letter as to why they will not issue a clean title.  If the loan was not in the bankruptcy, then I would contact your state’s banking department and/or other agency such as the attorney general. Bottom line is that if the loan is truly paid in full, the credit union has to issue a clean title.

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