Can my bankruptcy payment be reduced?

Due to my income, my monthly payments were calculated at $475/mth when I filed for Chapter 13 mid last year. Since then, my wife has left me and taken the kids. I now have child support payments and I have to pay for my mortgage by myself or move out and find an apartment. Can my bankruptcy payment be reduced due to these changes in my life ?

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  1. Sure can. Your attorney should have told you that. I always make it a practice of telling my client’s that if circumstances change, then you can modify your plan or even convert your plan to a chapter 7 bankruptcy. Best to talk to your attorney or any other bankruptcy attorney in your area. You do not have to go back to the attorney that filed your case. Your attorney will make a “modification motion” and the matter will be heard by the judge. Hopefully your attorney and the trustee will arrive at a fair compromise depending on the numbers (net income v expenses). Remember a chapter 13 debtor is supposed to pay all their “disposable” income into a plan after necessary and reasonable living expenses.

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