Do I need a bankruptcy lawyer or a bankruptcy trustee?

Is there an actual upfront cost for filing bankrutpcy? Also, do i need a bankruptcy lawyer or a bankruptcy trustee or both ? what’s the difference? So confused.

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  1. You will have to pay an attorney fee and filing fee. The filing fee for chapter 7 bankruptcy is $335. The attorney fee varies by region. In the Buffalo and Rochester, NY area, the average attorney fee is between $700 – $1500. The final attorney fee depends on the complexity of your case (i.e. number of creditors, amount of assets, whether you have a home or car that you are re-affirming, experience of the attorney, etc.).

    A bankruptcy trustee will be assigned to your case after it is electronically filed by your attorney. There are four Bankruptcy regions in New York State (Western, Eastern, Northern, Southern). Each region has a panel of chapter 7 trustees and they rotate assignments. The trustee represents your creditor’s and attempts to liquid your assets to pay your creditors. Don’t be alarmed about losing your property because most cases are “no asset case”. Which means that the trustee’s usually don’t liquid any asset because they are covered by a bankruptcy exemption or the amount is not great enough to justify liquidation.

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