Can they reject my bankruptcy if I’m terminally ill?

I’ve been told that I have less than 1 year to live. I don’t have a lot of money or any money set aside for my kids or grandkids. I’d like to pay for a vacation for all of us this Christmas but it would be on my credit card and I won’t be able to make the payments. Will I be rejected for filing bankruptcy if I have to because of my medical condition? If I am able to file, can the creditors come after my kids at all after I pass away ?

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  1. I am very sorry about your health. The creditor’s can not go after your children or anyone else for your debt unless they are an “authorized” user of the account. Again, no bankruptcy attorney in their right mind would ever tell you it’s “ok” to charge up your credit when you have no intentions (or in your situation, can’t) to pay them back. It could be considered a “bad faith” filing or be excepted from discharge under bankruptcy code.

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