Can I go back to school even if I filed for chapter 7?

Last year I lost everything after my husband died and I had to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy. I’m not on disability due to doctor’s orders but I want to further my education. If I return to school, how would this affect my bankruptcy and should I let my attorney know?

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  1. You indicated that you filed a chapter 7. Only time you need to contact the trustee and/or your attorney is if someone passes away within 180 days from the date of your bankruptcy filing. See Section 541 (a) (5) of the bankruptcy code. So if you Aunt Bessie dies within 180 of your bankruptcy filing date and you anticipate that you will receive any property (money, car, house, inheritance) you need to contact your attorney. Your attorney will then contact the trustee and the trustee will determine whether to administer the asset or not. But going to school is not a reportable event. Hope this helps.

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