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Mark E. Lewis: Providing Legal Assistance for Bankruptcy in Rochester

If you were to ask 1,000 people if they wanted to file for bankruptcy in Rochester, all 1,000 would all say no. No one, regardless of where they live or the financial situation they are in wants to go through a bankruptcy. However, if you have tried to get finances under control on your own or perhaps met with a financial adviser or went through credit counseling, a bankruptcy may be your only option.

Unfortunately, being reluctant to sit down with a reputable bankruptcy attorney in Richmond could actually lead to more harm than good. Having a discussion where you have to reveal very personal information and perhaps even mistakes is devastating but regardless of why you are in the current situation, you need a professional to handle the case.

Keeping Things in Check

Sometimes, a bankruptcy attorney in Rochester may come across as uncaring but in reality, it is this lack of emotion that helps get you out of a big financial mess. As the person who needs to file bankruptcy, emotions run high. Because of this, there is a good chance that many viable options crucial to your case are being overlooked. However, an experienced attorney has the ability to review specific details of your situation and perform an objective analysis.

One particular bankruptcy attorney in Rochester stands out because he has the ability to be objective but empathetic at the same time. With this rare combination, you will feel confident in his legal expertise and get past the feelings of being embarrassed and ashamed.

Mark E. Lewis is an exceptional bankruptcy attorney in Rochester, offering more than 22 years of legal experience with specific expertise in the arena of bankruptcy law. However, as a bonus, he also has strong knowledge and experience in debt settlement, as well as many other methods used for debt resolution.

Regardless of why you are having financial trouble, the amount of debt involved, or assets at risk, Mark E. Lewis will consider all options and direct you down the right path. He has a long history of successfully advocating on behalf of his clients and throughout the process, will help educate and keep you informed.

Personal Misconceptions

It is common for people who file bankruptcy in Rochester to feel that somehow they failed, even if the situation arose from something they had no control over. Not hiring a good attorney who provides many different options could be quite costly. The truth is that the longer you wait to meet with an attorney the worse your situation becomes.

A prime example is paying accelerating interest and fees on an unsecured debt using assets that could have been saved by filing bankruptcy in Rochester. The goal of Mark E. Lewis is to get your finances back on track so that ultimately, you and your family’s futures are secure.

For additional information and advice pertaining to filing for bankruptcy in Rochester, you are invited to visit Bankruptcy-America. However, there are a number of local businesses that provide much the same service, if preferred.[i]