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Roger J. Yehl : Life after a Newark Bankruptcy

Spending months and months trying to figure out a way to get out of debt without filing for bankruptcy in Newark is exhausting. That coupled with the ongoing collections calls and letters becomes too much to bear. At some point, a decision pertaining to your financial situation has to be made and of course, you want to make the right one.

If you have tried everything but cannot get control over your financial obligations, it is to your benefit to talk to a qualified bankruptcy attorney in Newark. Sitting down with a professional with years of experience practicing in this area of law will reveal the truth but also options about your situation, Only then can the right decision for your future be determined.

Working with a Trusted Attorney

Although it is possible to file bankruptcy in Newark without an attorney, this is ill-advised in most cases. The primary reason is that in 2005, bankruptcy laws were completely changed. As a result, available options and the filing process became extremely complex. Now, one misstep can change the outcome so to ensure everything possible is salvaged, you need a good attorney on your side.

Although there are numerous attorneys to choose from, one stands out for his level of expertise in bankruptcy law. Roger J. Yehl will provide you with options but also ways to salvage your credit. Therefore, it is to your advantage to go through a free consultation with an excellent bankruptcy attorney in Newark like Roger J. Yehl. He offers years of experience practicing law in the bankruptcy arena, making him an ideal candidate to have in your corner.

Roger J. Yehl is not only a Chapter 13 Standing Trustee in New Jersey but he also holds several licenses for multiple jurisdictions in the state, as well as New York. To get through this very rough time, he is an outstanding attorney who knows the law and is fully capable of helping. To date, Roger J. Yehl has worked on literally thousands of bankruptcy cases and can assist you as well.

Getting a Fresh Start

Rather than look at the decision to file for bankruptcy in Newark as “throwing in the towel”, recognize it for what it really is, an opportunity to start fresh. In reality, the quicker you speak to Roger J. Yehl the better chance there is of you saving assets. In comparison, allowing the situation to worsen without getting legal advice can be devastating.

Keep in mind that within the past year, more than one million people in the United States filed for bankruptcy. Beyond this, there are literally thousands of unofficial bankrupt people, those who need to file but for one reason or another have avoided getting help. Unfortunately, this hesitation often has to do with the association of shame and stigma that goes hand-in-hand with the term “bankruptcy”.

Understandably, the dread of having credit ruined or the sting of what feels like failure often persuades people from filing for bankruptcy in Newark. Interestingly, a survey was conducted to determine how many people struggled for a long period before reaching out to a qualified bankruptcy attorney in Newark and the results showed that 40% went more than two years without seeking legal advice.

That two-year period could have been used to get back on track financially and without undue stress. Before emptying out your retirement account, having a home go into foreclosure, or losing a vehicle to repossession, you will be much better off by taking quick and appropriate action and allowing a bankruptcy attorney in Newark like Roger J. Yehl to assist.

To learn more important details about financial solutions you can take full advantage of the free services offered by Bankruptcy-America or a number of other local services.

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