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Benefits of Working with a Bankruptcy Attorney in Cheektowaga

The very thought of filing for bankruptcy in Cheektowaga can be devastating. For most people, the initial concern is losing everything they worked for. Obviously, the last thing you want is to lose things you spent a lifetime working for to include a nice home, automobiles, boats, and other high-end items. Although there are instances when assets are forfeited, a qualified bankruptcy attorney in Cheektowaga will work on your behalf to salvage as much as possible.

The second concern is having a bankruptcy in Cheektowaga on your credit history for up to 10 years, especially when you maintained a good credit score for years. Although a Chapter 13 bankruptcy will show up in credit reporting for seven years and a Chapter 7 for ten years, this does not automatically destroy your credit.

Choosing a Top-Rated Attorney

Fortunately, there are a number of excellent attorneys in Cheektowaga that can help but one of the best is Mark E. Lewis who has more than 22 years of legal experience and currently serves the Buffalo, New York area. As the founder of his own law firm, Mark specializes in bankruptcy in Cheektowaga and surrounding areas, as well as personal injury, debt settlement, and other areas of law.

A common misconception is that bankruptcy ruins a person’s credit but in reality, Mark has extensive knowledge within the bankruptcy court and a track record of resolving even the most complex debt and financial problems. He recognizes that every case is unique and therefore, provides outstanding legal services on a client-by-client basis.

Based on the combination of experience and service, Mark Lewis is revered as being an exceptional bankruptcy attorney in Cheektowaga. Whether your debt is entirely eliminated or reduced, he will guide you get through a difficult time and onto a better financial life.

Going through bankruptcy is difficult but gaining accurate information about the process and what to expect helps. Bankruptcy-America is dedicated to getting people just like you through the process. However, there are also local services in Cheektowaga that offer invaluable information as well.

Rebuilding Credit

As an example, if you were to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Cheektowaga, paying back a portion of the debt owed to creditors might prevent your credit report from being impacted for the full seven-year period. Something else to consider is that based on the type of credit involved, it is not uncommon to secure new credit within a few months or years.

Of course, after going through a bankruptcy in Cheektowaga, it is essential to stay out of debt but as part of the rebuilding process there are solutions. For example, some companies offer credit cards for people with bad credit. By charging a very small amount and paying it off immediately, you will slowly begin to undo the damage done by the bankruptcy.

However, the bankruptcy attorney in Cheektowaga that you work with can provide a number of rebuilding options. Even if you have to wait the full period associated with the type of bankruptcy filed, this gives you the opportunity to get finances in order and start fresh.

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