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Staring New after an Orlando Bankruptcy

Orlando Florida is a beautiful city well known for its many Disney theme parks, among other things. While this city offers unique things to do and see, it shares a common denominator with every other city throughout the nation: bankruptcy. The good news is that this city is recovering well following the recent financial crisis but even so, there are still thousands of people who annually file bankruptcy in Orlando.

No matter how hard you work, if facing a financial crisis the best solution may involve filing for bankruptcy in Orlando. As expected, this decision is not just hard but for many people, it feels embarrassing and shameful. Just remember that often, the cause of the bankruptcy was completely out of the hands of the person or business so if you need to hire a reputable bankruptcy attorney in Orlando, there is no reason to throw blame on yourself.

The Importance of Hiring the Right Attorney

After making the difficult decision to file for bankruptcy in Orlando, the next major step is choosing the right attorney. It is imperative to choose a lawyer who specializes in this specific area of law but also someone with years of experience and a compassionate heart. After all, the attorney will not only provide you with legal counsel but be a support system while going through this very difficult time.

Regardless if the bankruptcy in Orlando will be personal or business related, you want an attorney who offers sound advice, walks you through every step of the process, and stands by your side at hearings and other scheduled meetings. The attorney who works on your case will have a significant impact on the outcome.

Common Expectations

During your first meeting with the bankruptcy attorney in Orlando, it will be determined if this is the ultimate solution for your financial situation. Sometimes, there are negotiations that can take place outside of bankruptcy so a formal filing should always be the last resort. However, once the attorney has assessed your finances and deemed a bankruptcy the appropriate avenue to take, a plan will be devised specifically for you.

Some of the things that will likely be included in the plan for your bankruptcy in Orlando include the following:

  • Credit Counseling – Six months prior to filing for bankruptcy in Orlando, the attorney will advise that by law, you must attend credit counseling.
  • Financial Assessment – As part of this, the attorney will go over your debts, expenditures, and income to gain a better understanding of what led to the financial crisis but also how to help you avoid future problems.
  • Credit Report – In addition, the attorney will review your credit report from all three reporting agencies to uncover any omissions or errors but also shed better light on the current situation.

Rather than allow yourself to be defeated by your bankruptcy in Orlando, try to see that instead of continuous struggling, this will provide you with a fresh start. A bankruptcy may seem like a death sentence but in reality, it is a new beginning. For valuable information about finances and to locate the right attorney, you can take advantage of local services, as well as those with nationwide coverage like Bankruptcy-America.

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