• What is Bankruptcy?

      Bankruptcy is a way for people or businesses who have more debts than they can handle to either work out a plan to repay the money they owe over time, or to eliminate their debts entirely.

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    • What Happens?

      When you file for bankruptcy credit card debt is eliminated, medical bills are erased, wage garnishments end, and your creditors stop calling you.

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    • What Does it Cost?

      The cost of filing for bankruptcy varies by type. To help, most bankruptcy attorneys will have a first meeting with you for free, or for a small charge, so that they can help you review your options and cost.

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It’s in The Numbers

How many people file for bankruptcy?

  • 1181016!

    People filed for bankruptcy last year.

  • 807946+

    People filed for bankruptcy in the first 9 months of 2013.

  • 89772+

    People filed for bankruptcy on average each month in 2013.

  • 2960+

    People file for bankruptcy on average each day.

  • Philosophy

    Our Philosophy

    It is more important to feed your family and pay your rent or your mortgage than to service a wage garnishment, or pay more and more interest.

    Each year across our country more than a million people file for bankruptcy. Most, had a good job and were able to borrow but then, unexpectedly, problems started. For you, it might have been job loss, or marriage break up, or perhaps expensive medical problems that prevented you from working.

    To get by you started using credit to pay your bills, but then found yourself so far behind that you couldn’t keep up despite your best efforts. You want to pay your debt; and you would if you could, but you simply can’t.

    If you’ve carried a balance on your credit cards for the last few years you’ve probably already paid more in interest than you originally borrowed.

    If you need to file for bankruptcy you are not alone! Our mission is to help you get the relief you need…


    Our Mission

    To help you get the relief you need from debt and give you get a fresh start. To provide you with the best, most reliable and experienced bankruptcy information and attorneys in the United States.

    About Us

    About Us

    Bankruptcy-America.com was founded in 2005 and our goal is to bring together the most experienced bankruptcy Attorneys in the United States. Our contributors include Attorneys from small and medium size regional firms to large national firms representing all districts of the United States.

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  • Choosing A Good Bankruptcy Attorney

    • Specialization
      Your attorney must have both training and experience in bankruptcy, and be up on the latest tax laws. These are constantly changing.
    • Experience
      Your attorney should have been actively practicing bankruptcy law for several years and have a track record of success.  They must also understand all of the local rules, the Trustees’ preferences, local judge’s rulings, and how to work with the local creditor attorneys.
    • Reasonable fees
      Fees must be fair, to your satisfaction and payment arrangements must be flexible enough to fit your situation.
    • Personal service
      All your discussions should be directly with the lawyer who handles your entire case.  You should insist on speaking with the lawyer who will be handling your case on the telephone before you make an appointment to meet in person.
    • Credit repair resources
      Your attorney must have the resources to help you rebuild your credit after bankruptcy such as disputing credit report errors, and providing a list of bankruptcy friendly lenders.

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